Save The Children - Ukraine and Afganistan Appeal Donation

Save The Children Anna with her ChildrenThank you very much to the trustees of The Gale Foundation Trust for their kind donations towards Save the Children’s Afghanistan and Ukraine Appeals. I can confirm that this has now been safely received by our finance team and I have attached a formal receipt with this email.

I have also attached our latest Afghanistan update report, which was written at the end of March, to show the trustees how we are currently responding to the crisis.

Among the terrible news stories that we continue to hear about, I wanted to share with you a story of hope.

Anna* lives in Ukraine with her two young children, four-year-old Daryna* and two-year-old Danilo*. When the conflict reached the family’s town it was incredibly scary, and they decided to leave their home.

The children witnessed events that no child should ever have to see. “We saw rockets being fired and destroyed buildings. There were sirens blaring constantly,” says Anna. The family only had time to pack a few clothes and some medicines before heading to a cellar for shelter. “The children don’t understand what’s happening,” Anna says.

The family eventually made the journey across the border into Romania. They stayed in a temporary camp, before moving to a reception centre supported by Save the Children. The centre has rooms where Darnya and Danilo can be safe, play and begin to recover from what they’ve been through.

Anna is also receiving support, advice and information while she decides where to take her family now.

Thanks to your support for our Ukraine Appeal, we can provide safe spaces for children like Darnya and Danilo, giving them the freedom to just be children again.

Thank you to the Trustees for standing with children through both of these crisis and for being part of a collaborative effort that is helping children and their families access the support and resources they need.

With my very best wishes,


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