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Mission Christmas 2021 Final Figures

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It proved to be a very hectic Appeal this year with Covid still playing a major disruptive role in proceedings.

Despite Covid still playing a disruptive role the main team of organisers and drivers managed to stay fit and well and thanks to the enormous generosity of people across the south over 17,000 children and young adults woke up to gifts on Christmas morning who would otherwise have received nothing.

The Gale Foundation Trust were delighted to have contributed over 2,000 presents to the Appeal at a cost of £13,848. However with many of the presents bought at heavily discounted prices the true value of the gifts donated was closer to £50,000.

Our thanks go to our sponsors and to the donations we have received which made this possible.

In addition to donating gifts, trustees Richard and Tom were the pick-up and delivery team for Dorset collecting presents from the dozens of drop off points across the south of the county covering some 2,000 miles in the process.

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